This is an utterly unique, attractive and blissfully greasy little number that’s utterly resistible to anybody who loves something a little filthy, grimy – and most of all – chock full of attitude
— Cat on the Wall


They’re a cool British rock band like they used to make and they just don’t give a f**k’
— Pete Lucas (The Troggs)


The songs are just a great blend of style and influences but importantly they retain a soul. This is one of the best albums we’ve heard this year.
— Soul Of A Clown


Three Kings High build their songs from strong guitar riffs and memorable choruses, their indie attitude wilfully refuses to let them follow any of the signposts pointing to the obvious route
— Classic Rock Magazine
It is a creation which shimmers with excitement and temptation. If one were to close one’s eyes when one has this disc on, one is in a sweaty little basement club, surrounded by beer and fag fumes
— Is This Music
Fans of Arctic Monkeys, RHCP and Jungle will enjoy their surging energy, while their neo-soul, punk rock waves and shimmering melodies hit all the right notes. One listen to this and you’ll be firmly grasped in the all that’s ahead for Three Kings High
— Bristol Live Magazine